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Shiatsu Plus Inc. is the leading provider of Residential and commercial massage chair inCanada. we are in the business of designing and manufacturing high quality residential massage chairs, Vending coin operated commercial massage chairs and other massage Products. We supply throughout North America.

Ever since Shiatsu Plus Inc. created the concept we have become the leader in this new, emerging and exciting industry. With over 20 years experience of placing and maintaining commercial Massage Chairs in Shopping Malls throughout North America, we have become the " GO TO GUY " in the Massage Chair Market. SAFETY AND QUALITY is our No. 1 priority.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide The Best Quality and comfortable residential massage chairs, Most Reliable Coin operated commercial massage chairs and new innovatice smaller massage products. We strive to develop a long standing and excellent customer service with our clients.

In today's fast paced and hectic world people constantly seek relief from stress in every possible ways. Massages are an ever-increasing choice
to combat stress.
2004 survey shows that 17% of adult Canadians had received at least 1 massage during the 5 year period. But by 2009, 18% reported having received a massage within the past 12 months! And 24% said they expect to get a massage within the coming year.

Almost everyone would love to have the experiences of good massages, but our fast paced and time-consuming lifestyle prevents almost all adults the benefits of a good Massage. Appointments, booking times and such are all too difficult to negotiate and time consuming in today's world, but not with Shiatsu Plus Inc.

We provide beautiful, therapeutic Shiatsu Massage Chairs in commercial venues all around North America. Our new Soft seating design will compliment shopping mall soft seating concepts.

We aim to design and create advanced cutting edge Shiatsu Massage Chairs and Shiatsu products.
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